White Fillings
Natural looking fillings for a more natural looking smile

At East Park Dental, we believe that fillings should be natural looking, matching your teeth and improving your smile. Today, we’re much more conscious about the way we look, and because we don’t want silver fillings that show when we laugh, our expert team can give you strong, modern composite fillings that will keep your teeth white and healthy for years to come.

We use colour matching techniques at our Northampton dental surgery to ensure that your new fillings blend in precisely with the shade of your tooth enamel, ensuring a much more natural smile.

  • Fillings remove tooth decay and prevent progression of damage 
  • Help keep your teeth looking natural
  • Can be done in a single appointment
  • Modern ‘composite’ fillings are matched to your tooth colour

"Robust white fillings made of composite materials have set the new standard. They’re a great alternative to unsightly black fillings in your back teeth. In your front teeth we can create a very natural look so your fillings can remain Northampton’s best kept secret!"

Jon’s story

When Jo told me I needed a couple of fillings in my molars I knew I didn’t want the old-style of fillings I had when I was a kid. Getting nice clean modern fillings was the best thing I could have done.

Jon, Wellingborough
“ The best thing I could have done”

Frequently asked questions

Are white fillings as durable as silver fillings?

White fillings used to be thought of as less durable than silver amalgam fillings – but that’s all changed. New materials have become available that are every bit as robust as amalgam, in the majority of situations, with the added benefit of being a more natural colour match for your teeth.

How long will my new white fillings last?

White fillings should last many years, and their precise lifespan will depend on its location in your mouth, and on the position of your teeth when you bite. Feel free to ask your East Park dentist for more information.

Are white fillings better than silver fillings?

Yes, because they bond far better to the tooth surface in the small cavities in your teeth. In the case of some silver fillings, healthy tooth needs to be removed to ensure that the filling stays in place.

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