Root Canal
Expert care designed to save infected teeth

Root Canal – or Endodontic – treatment is a form of dentistry designed to save teeth that have become infected right at their heart, when a nerve has died deep in the root canal system. You can relax with Root Canal treatment at East Park Dental in Northampton, because you’re in good hands all the way. 

Endodontic treatment at East Park Dental is a lot less invasive and painful than you might have been told – with decades of experience on our side, we’re dedicated to making the whole process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.


  • Enables you to keep a painful or infected tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted
  • Treats dental infection – and stops pain
  • Removes dead tissue from within the infected tooth
  • Fills the space inside the tooth to prevent re-infection.

"There are lots of potential causes for the infections which can lead to root canal treatment, such as tooth decay and leaky old fillings, as well as trauma like an accident or fall."

June’s story

I'd had a dull ache in one of my back teeth for weeks that I couldn’t ignore. When Jo told me I’d need root canal work, I was initially quite scared because of what people have told me in the past. But I needn’t have worried, the East Park team put me at my ease.

June, Collingtree
“ I needn’t have worried, the East Park team put me at my ease”

Frequently asked questions

How long does root canal treatment take?

You can usually expect one to two hours of treatment, over one or two appointments depending on the tooth. The further back the tooth, the longer it takes as they usually have more canals.

I’ve been told I need a crown after my root canal treatment. Why?

Your back teeth are seven times more likely to break after root canal treatment, and broken teeth may need to be removed. So it’s far better to prevent this possibility by helping protect your tooth with a crown.

I’ve heard it’s very painful. Is that true?

Think of root canal treatment as an 'extended filling'. At East Park Dental in Northampton, we use local anaesthetic to numb the area before treatment begins. So if you ever feel any pain, tell your dentist immediately. We’ll stop, dress the tooth and then we should be able to continue without any discomfort at your next appointment.

Will my tooth go black after root canal treatment?

Most of the time, root canal treatment doesn’t change the colour of the tooth, but there are occasions when it can discolour. If this happens, we can explore options like whitening, veneers or crowns with you.

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