Replace your missing tooth for a great-looking smile

Ugly or unsightly gaps in your teeth can ruin your smile and really dent your confidence. But the good news is that there’s an easy and practical way to restore your smile with the help of a bridge.

At East Park Dental, we use the tooth or teeth either side of the gap to anchor your new bridge, so it’s best if the teeth supporting the bridge are strong, with good bone support. We prepare the adjoining teeth and fit crowns over them, which are then attached to the new artificial tooth to fill the gap, cleverly restoring your natural appearance.

  • A bridge is a long lasting solution to missing teeth
  • Looks and feels natural – using natural materials to match your existing teeth
  • Can improve your speech and reduce decay and gum disease in remaining teeth
  • Gives you the confidence that the teeth won’t move like a denture can.

Angie's story

After a front tooth crown of mine had broken I was given a denture by my old dentist. It looked awful I really didn't want to live with it. 

Jo was recommended to me by a local dental technician. After a little tooth whitening I had my new bridge fitted. I have been so pleased and I am always happy to smile now.

Angela Adkins, Napton
“ I am always happy to smile now”
"A bridge can be a great alternative to a denture as it’s fixed in place using the teeth on either side of the gap."

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to take my bridge out at night?

No, a bridge is fixed to the adjacent teeth so it cannot be removed

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Bridge pricing

  • From:£550
  • Membership plan price from: £467.50Save £82.50
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