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Looks matter

Forget the sight of old fashioned false teeth chattering away in a glass. Modern day dentures look just the way teeth should and are much more comfortable than they used to be. In fact, working with our dental technicians, we can even match your dentures to your old teeth – so no-one need know anything about it.

Key facts

  • Dentures make it easier to eat compared to chewing with missing teeth
  • They’re removable, and relatively quick and inexpensive
  • We can create temporary dentures before progressing to a permanent solution
  • We can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch.

"The latest dentures are great for giving you a natural smile, whether you want to replace single teeth, several teeth or go for a full denture."

Wendy's story

I was so upset when I lost my top teeth due to gum disease, but they just couldn’t be saved. I’d never thought about having a full top denture before, but Jo at East Park Dental reassured me all the way. My new denture looks great – far better than my old teeth. Now I get lots of compliments about my smile, and no-one’s guessed they’re false teeth.

Wendy, Northampton
“ Now I get lots of compliments about my smile”

Frequently asked questions

What type of denture do you use?

Here at East Park Dental Northampton, we make a wide varierty of dentures including Acrylic, Cobalt Chrome, Valplast, and Precision attachment dentures.


What is an Acrylic denture?

An acrylic denture is they type that usually springs to mind when you imagine a denture. The base is the pink colour of gums with natural looking teeth that can be made the colour you would like or to match your natural teeth.

What is a Cobalt Chrome denture?

This is a denture with a thin metal base that the denture teeth and pink gum acrylic are attached to. They are very comfortable to wear as the base is so thin and they can usually be designed so that no metal is visible when you are talking or smiling.

What is a Valplast denture?

At first glance a Valplast looks very similar to an acrylic denture but they are acturally very different as the base is flexible. They’re strong and durable, blending in effectively with the gums.

What is a Precision attachment denture?

These dentures use crowns on your existing teeth to help hold the denture in more firmly.

My dentures are loose and fall out. Can you help?

After careful assessment of your mouth and current dentures, we can recommend changes and improvements that can be made. Alternatively, you may want to consider implant retained dentures. These are dentures that clip onto implants that have been placed in the jaw rather than just resting on the gums, making them much more secure and unlikely to move.

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