Flouride Varnish
Protecting your children’s teeth against decay

Nothing matters more than your children’s health – and a healthy mouth in childhood, with regular brushing, can pave the way for healthy adult teeth. We can help get your family off to a strong start with regular Flouride Varnish treatment, which gives your children’s teeth another layer of defence.

Fluoride varnish offers extra protection in the battle against tooth decay, alongside daily brushing with fluoride toothpaste, and in combination with a good diet. The varnish is a light golden gel that sets quickly after it’s applied to the teeth with a soft brush here in the East Park Dental surgery in Northampton.


  • Fluoride varnish is a gel that’s applied directly to the tooth surface
  • Children love its pleasant taste and fruity smell 
  • It strengthens the teeth and helps stop decay
  • To be really effective, it needs to be applied to teeth every six months.

"If your child has had dental decay, they’d really feel the benefit of regular fluoride varnishes, which can significantly cut the chance of cavities appearing over time."

Frequently asked questions

How often should I bring my children for fluoride varnish treatment?

We recommend a course of varnish treatment at least once every six months.

Should we continue to brush teeth as usual after treatment?

Yes, always continue your regular twice daily brushing routine. Research suggests that varnishes are most effective when combined with regular brushing.

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