Treat your partner to a better nights sleep

Let’s face it, snoring can be a real problem. Not only can it cause long-term embarrassment, it can undermine your relationship by affecting your partner’s sleep too. Somnowell is an advanced solution for Northampton’s snorers – and it can help put an end to the disruption of snoring, with a practical and effective solution that’s comfortable to wear night after night.

Somnowell is a Mandibular Advancement Appliance (MAA) that’s worn in your mouth at night, holding the jaw forward to create more space in your throat for air to pass through, and so reducing the amount of snoring you do.

  • Somnowell is a longstanding anti-snoring solution to wear at night
  • It’s made of cast cobalt chrome metal – a dental super-alloy
  • Strong and thin, it’s not bulky and doesn’t crowd the tongue
  • The most comfortable and hygienic MAA device available today
  • Studies show it has a 91% success rate.

"For sufferers of snoring and mild sleep apnoea (and their long-suffering partners) Somnowell is a God-send. Made from the same high quality metal used in dentures, it’s genuinely slimline, so won’t feel bulky in your mouth."

Bryan’s story

I have sleep apnoea and after seeing a specialist doctor, I was told that a snoring device would be best for me. I tried the plastic ones but found them really uncomfortable. My Somnowell has been so much better, I get a great sleep and have much more energy the next day. I travel a lot and wear it on long haul flights so I don’t disturb the person next to me.

Bryan, Denton
“ great sleep and have much more energy the next day”

Frequently asked questions

I’ve tried other anti snoring devices before by found them too big. How is this different?

Somnowell is made from a strong metal, rather than a rubbery material like other appliances. This makes it much less bulky so doesn’t crowd the tongue like other MAA devices can. Somnowell also enables you to talk and drink while wearing the device.

Somnowell is more expensive than other MAAs. Why is this?

Making and fitting a Somnowell device is time consuming, from the dentist taking detailed impressions here in our Northampton surgery, to the dental technician creating a custom cast for the high quality metal frame. Think of the process involved in making an elegant Swiss watch, rather than a big ugly stopwatch. 


Does Somnowell always stop people snoring?

Approximately nine out of ten people report great success with it.

I want to learn more about Somnowell

Their website can be found here at

Is it more durable than the cheaper alternatives?

Yes, since its made from a strong metal, rather than the rubbery types, it will last significantly longer and is much easier to keep clean

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