Inlays and Onlays
Strengthening and protecting your teeth

Sometimes, damaged, chipped or filled teeth need a little extra protection to stop the risk of cracks developing or spreading. That’s where inlays and onlays come in – they’re like a crown, except more slimline and less destructive to the original teeth. They’re added to the exterior of your tooth to improve its look and provide extra strength.

Inlays and onlays will help keep more of your existing healthy tooth than a full crown, as less of it needs to be cut away. They can be made of porcelain or gold.



  • Smaller and slimmer than a full crown, to help protect damaged teeth
  • Enables more of the healthy part of the tooth to be kept
  • Made from strong porcelain that looks and feels like a natural tooth
  • Can also be made of very thin gold

"Inlays and onlays are better and stronger than a filling alone, so they’ll reduce the risk of your tooth cracking in the years to come."

Danny’s story

One of my back teeth had developed painful crack when I was eating. It had a filling in it but was otherwise clean and healthy, so my East Park dentist recommended an onlay, rather than a crown, to cover the crack and stop it getting any worse. It’s incredible – now my tooth looks even better than the original.

Danny, Olney
“ It’s incredible – now my tooth looks even better than the original”

Frequently asked questions

Do inlays and onlays last as long as crowns?

Yes. As the edge of the onlay or inlay will often be above your gum line, they can actually be easier to clean and therefore less likely to get decay. If you need to have your inlay or onlay replaced years down the line then a crown can still be an option.

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