Beautiful crowns, inlays and onlays – in a single visit

Not everyone has the time for two appointments for a crown. At East Park Dental, we have the answer, with incredible CEREC 3D technology that measures and makes a custom-built porcelain crown, right here in our surgery in Northampton, while you wait. No impression. No temporary crown. No follow-up visit.

With CEREC technology and just one appointment, there’s often no need for a second injection, either. Meanwhile, strong porcelain construction means that your new crown looks and feels as good if not better than the original tooth it’s designed to replace.

  • A truly 21st century crown treatment in Northampton
  • CEREC uses the very latest 3D CAD/CAM technology to produce great results
  • Accurate scanning and milling using modern porcelains
  • Helps preserve more of the healthy tooth than conventional crowns.

"You can trust CEREC tooth restoration technology. We recommend it with complete confidence because it’s tried and tested, with over 250 scientific studies to back it up and 30 million CEREC tooth restorations to date worldwide."

Jackie's story

My grandson used to look in my mouth and ask what all the blacks bits were and I was embarrassed to tell him they were my fillings. I have now had several of my old, dark fillings replaced with CERECs and I am delighted with the result. My Grandson looked in my mouth the other day and asked "where have all your fillings gone?

Jackie Smith, Northampton
“ designed on the screen in front of my eyes, and fitted about an hour later”

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to make my new tooth?

Your appointment at our Northampton surgery will last a little over two hours in total if you’re having a single tooth, and slightly longer if you’re having more than one.

I don’t think my old crowns look very natural. Will a Cerec crown look better?

Yes, CEREC crowns have a very natual appearnace and are designed to blend in with your other teeth.

Are CERECs suitable for front as well as back teeth?

Yes, although at East Park Dental Northampton we usually just repair back teeth with Cerecs as more personalised crowns or veneers can be made with other treatments.

I usually feel really sick when I have impressions made. Will this happen with CEREC?

With CEREC technology, no impressions are needed – instead, we use the latest 3D optical imaging tool to capture an image of your tooth.

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