Replace Fillings
The modern way to help your teeth fight decay

Fillings are the tried and tested way to stop tooth decay and prevent otherwise healthy teeth from being lost. However, old fillings not only look unsightly – they can break down over time and let tooth decay back in. At East Park Dental Northampton, our expert team can replace old or worn fillings with strong, modern composite fillings that will keep your teeth healthy for decades.


We use the latest colour matching techniques to ensure that your new fillings blend in precisely with the shade of your tooth enamel, ensuring a much more natural smile.

  • Fillings stop tooth decay and prevent further damage
  • Help keep your teeth looking natural
  • Can be done in a single appointment
  • Modern ‘composite’ fillings are matched to your tooth colour


"Regular checkups have always made sense. They enable us to diagnose any decay in your teeth before too much healthy tooth gets eaten away. Fillings are a proven way to stop decay in its tracks – but it’s best to prevent us needing to do them in the first place."

Max’s story

I’ve hated the look of my old black fillings for years; it made my mouth look like it was full of holes, so I decided to get them replaced with lovely new white ones. What a good call – now I’m not conscious when I laugh. I do a lot of business in the USA and always felt conscious of my old fillings. I feel much happier talking in business meetings now.

Max, New Duston
“ Now I’m not conscious when I laugh”

Frequently asked questions

Is it true that it hurts to get a filling?

Having a filling without anaesthetic could be very uncomfortable for most people. That’s why we always use plenty of anaesthetic and take time to ensure you are numb in all the right places before we start any treatment.

Do white fillings last as long as silver ones?

Modern composites - white fillings - are strong and long lasting and in the majority of instances they will last just as long as silver fillings. There are a few occasions where a silver filling could last longer, and if that’s the case, we’ll let you know first.

What’s the latest medical advice about silver fillings?

There is no evidence that amalgam fillings cause adverse health problems. It is easy to find a wealth of information on the internet that make all sorts of claims about the negative effects of silver fillings. However, this isn’t backed up by scientific research, and the studies used to make the negative claims are usually of poor quality and lack a sound scientific basis.

I’ve just had a filling and now I get a pain when I have something hot or cold. Should I be worried?

It is not uncommon for a tooth to be a bit sensitive after a filling and they may take a couple of weeks to settle. If this is likely we shall inform you at the time of the filling.

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